An Appreciation of Guinness

guinness beer draughtSIGNATURE OF DISTINCTION.

THE signature of Arthur Guinness must be the best known autograph in the world. It is still on every bottle of the delicious black nectar brewed by his descendants on the banks of the River Liffey in Dublin.

Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on St James Brewery on September 24, 1759 and started brewing his world famous stout.

The brewery, which now covers 64 acres, has its own fire brigade, internal railway, postal system, power station and uniformed police service.

Guinness Brewery has now opened the Guinness Store House Visitor Centre on the site. It has seven floors of interactive exhibits and attracts over one million visitors each year. It has hosted a series of events, such as parties, ceilidhs, shindigs and concerts.

One Guinness advert claims that it is worth the wait and a real barman makes a ritual out of pulling each pint, taking approximately two minutes to serve it.

The stout is full of subtle flavors, such as toffee, fruit, coffee and cream. My view is that it is definitely worth the wait. In fact, when I’m not in a micro-brewery pub and can only get corporate beers, this is the one I ALWAYS grab. Even if it’s not on tap. The can with the widget is almost as good.

One hint though, don’t get the bottle Guinness. It’s super sour. It’s a grand-dad kind of beer.

Guinness was first brewed abroad in London during 1936 and is now sold in a 150 counties and brewed in 49. Ten million glasses are drunk each day!

Almost every decent bar in the USA also has some form of Guinness. Especially in NYC. For a beer that is wedding venue worthy, there’s simply nothing better than a pint of Guinness!

Nigeria is Guinness’ third biggest market outside of Ireland, One of the most popular drinks in the continent of Africa is non-alcoholic Malta Guinness

Guinness has seen off many notable drinking men, including the legendary Welsh poet Dyan Thomas.

An Appreciation of Guinness
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