Quick Tips for Efficient Cleaning

cleaning out my refrigeratorBeing able to clean the house quickly and efficiently is a skill that would benefit every beer man.  After all, there are other more fun things we can do with our time like sampling the latest brew from your local beer club, right?

And although this may seem out of place, I know I’d want a nice clean place to store my suds in. And it’s not like the wife seems to care about a clean fridge!

Though there is no magic formula, there are a lot of tips we can incorporate into our chores.

Here are some, from Houston property tax protest:

Dust fast by using both hands and old tube socks. Slide a sock on each hand, spray one sock with cleaner or polish, and then pick up an object with one hand and dust with the other.

Spray a lint-free towel with window-cleaning solution and toss it over one shoulder so it’s ready to clean any glass tables or cabinets.

Place good-quality floor mats in front of doors. They prevent 80 percent of the dirt from being tracked through the house.

Switch from bar soap to liquid or natural soap to cut back on scum.

Wipe inside frosted shower doors with lemon oil to prevent soap scum from sticking.

Shine stainless steel sinks with pure lemon oil.

To prevent a tub ring around a porcelain tub, apply a light coat of car wax to the sides. Never wax the bottom of the tub.