March 3, 2012

HB660 The Beer

Texas Beer Freedom: HB660 The Beer

In case you missed Scott Metzger’s Day 22: HB 660, the Beer post,  brewpubs across the state are brewing a special craft beer to show their support and raise awareness about HB 660 which would allow brewpubs in Texas to sell their beer to wholesalers and distributors. Various brewpubs around Texas are making their own HB 660 ales and will vary from place to place  incorporating the local terroir.  The only constants – make a big, robust brown ale that finishes at 6.60% ABV and can hold up 66.0 IBUs. Scott Metzger’s Freetail Brewing in San Antonio came up with the initial concept. Other brewpubs participating include:

  • Black Star Co-Op (Austin)
  • Blue Star Brewing Co. (San Antonio)
  • Darkside Fermentation (San Marcos)
  • Draught House (Austin)
  • Lovejoy’s (Austin)
  • NXNW Restaurant and Brewery (Austin)
  • Uncle Billy’s Barton Springs  and on the Lake (Austin)

Austin Homebrew Supply has made their own unique version of the HB660 brown ale. This brown ale recipe was created to help promote and support Texas house bill 660. This is similar to a English style brown ale recipe but the IBUs and the ABV has been bumped up to 66 and 6.60% respectively. It features Caramunich, Special B, chocolate malt, Magnum and Fuggle hops. O.G. = 1.070. Approximately 6.60% ABV.


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