September 25, 2011

Licensing & Administrative Procedures Hearing

Today many Texas Beer Freedom volunteers and HB 660 supporters lobbied for the cause at the Capitol — the HB 660 hearing went very well!  Supporters from San Antonio to Denton participated in the events today.   No question, the contributions from all had a significant impact.  Thank you!  Thanks also need to be extended to Representative Mike Villarreal for his pragmatic presentation and passion today, to Texas Beer Freedom lobbyists for their quality work to date, and to GNI Strategies for their work leading up to the hearing and managing our volunteers today.

The passion, commitment, and preparation provided a very positive vibe in the room.   It was energizing!  The bill was tabled pending at the conclusion of the meeting.  We will continue to follow-up with LAP committee members until we are certain that HB 660 receives a positive vote out of committee, and then hopefully on to the Calendar Committee.  It may be a week or two before we know the status of the bill.  As soon as we know the outcome is known, we’ll provide an update on our web site, FB page, and Twitter feed.

Watch the archived Licensing & Administrative Procedures Hearing on HB602 and HB660 at the Texas House of Representatives web page here (requires Real Player).

Thanks again for an exciting day today!

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